Chapter 14 Ensuring a Successful Tableau Deployment

Why should you engage outside consultants? Is starting an internal user group worth the time and effort? In this section, I outline the data landscape and how you can effectively use consultants.

Deploying Tableau—Lessons Learned

Whether you work in business, education, or government, your workplace is a complex machine with many moving parts, evolving goals, and internal politics. Successful deployments do not happen in a vacuum, nor do they follow a single formula for success. Leadership wants safety and innovation. Every data project the InterWorks team has been engaged in over the past 15 years has balanced these needs.

Unlike most technology solutions, Tableau’s ease-of-use and flexibility create grassroots demand. If you work in IT and you are planning a major Tableau deployment, it’s likely that many people outside of your group have been using Tableau Desktop before you learned about Tableau Software. It is also possible that your internal customers are demanding that you deploy Tableau’s products (Desktop and Server) so that more people can create and consume dashboards and workbooks. This makes your job easier. You don’t have to sell your users because they are selling you. The question is: How do you deploy Tableau Desktop and Server quickly, safely, and effectively?

Effective Use of Consultants

I spent many years purchasing technology, deploying solutions, and running businesses before I became a consultant. ...

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