Take Control of Users & Accounts in Tiger

Book description

Does dealing with user accounts in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger make your head spin? In this ebook, Kirk explains why you need at least two accounts, tells you everything you need to know about different types of accounts, and shows you how to create the right types of accounts for the different people who use your Mac. Learn how to use a troubleshooting account to solve maddening problems, make the best use of Fast User Switching, and share files between users. Special digital lifestyle advice for families! Kirk reveals undocumented tricks for sharing music and photos among multiple users on your Mac using iTunes and iPhoto.

Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions like:

  • Why must I log in to my Macintosh?

  • Why are my files in the Users folder?

  • What's the difference between a login item and a startup item?

  • What's the purpose of an Administrator account?

  • How should I set up accounts on my particular system?

  • Can I limit Web and email access on my child's account?

  • How can people log in and log out more quickly and with less bother?

  • What's the best way for users on my Mac to share documents?

  • Can users on my Mac share iTunes songs or iPhoto images?

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Read Me First
    1. Onscreen Reading Tips
    2. Printing Tips
    3. Basics
  3. Introduction
  4. Working with Accounts Quick Start
  5. About User Accounts
    1. Working with Accounts
    2. What’s New in Tiger
  6. Types of Accounts
    1. Administrator Account
    2. Standard Account
    3. Managed Account
    4. Simplified Account
    5. Root Account
  7. Choose an Account Strategy
    1. Single User Mac
      1. Set up a standard account for everyday work
      2. Set up a troubleshooting account
      3. Set up a guest account
    2. Multi-User Mac at Home
    3. Multi-User Mac in an Office or School
  8. Create and Delete Accounts
    1. Set Up an Account
    2. Set Parental Controls
      1. Finder & System controls
      2. Mail controls
      3. iChat controls
      4. Safari controls
      5. Dictionary controls
    3. Delete an Account
    4. Activate the Root Account
  9. Log In to and Out of Accounts
    1. Log In to Your Account Normally
    2. Customize the Login Window
    3. Bypass the Login Window
    4. Log In as Root
    5. Log Out of Your Account
  10. Fast User Switching
    1. Turn On Fast User Switching
    2. Use Fast User Switching
    3. Limitations of Fast User Switching
  11. Manage Login and Startup Items
    1. Set Login Items
    2. Add login items
    3. Mount servers at login
    4. Delete login items
    5. Manage Startup Items
  12. Troubleshoot Startup and Login Items
  13. Troubleshoot Preference Files
  14. Share Files among Users
    1. Share Files via a Shared Volume
    2. Share Files via the Shared folder
    3. Share Files via Public Folders and Drop Boxes
      1. Public folders
      2. Drop Box folder
    4. Share Files via an iDisk
  15. Resources
  16. A. Share Digital Media Files
    1. Share Your iTunes Library
    2. Share Your iPhoto Library
  17. About This Ebook
    1. About the Author
    2. Shameless Plug
    3. Author’s Acknowledgements
    4. Take Control: The Series
    5. About TidBITS Electronic Publishing
    6. Publisher’s Production Credits

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Users & Accounts in Tiger
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2007
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780975950333