When you first launch iTunes, its library is empty. When you rip, or import, a music CD, you add the music to the library. You can then listen to it on your computer or sync it to your iOS device. But you can add more than just ripped music: you can rip audiobooks from CDs or add videos from DVDs that you own.

Rip Topics

How Should I Rip My CDs?

Which Compression Format Should I Use to Rip CDs?

Which Bit Rate Should I Use to Rip CDs?

What Other Settings Are Important When Ripping CDs?

How Do I Rip a Music CD?

How Do I Rip an Audiobook CD?

How Do I Convert Audio Files to a Different Format?

How Do I Rip Videos to Use in iTunes?

Why Won’t My Video Sync?

Can I Rip Just the Music from a Concert DVD?

How Should I Rip My CDs? ...

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