Take Control of Mojave

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Mojave brings new features and user interface options to macOS. Whether you're new to the Mac or a seasoned pro, you'll find tons of useful information in Take Control of Mojave, an in-depth guide by former Macworld editor Scholle McFarland. The book covers not only the many changes in Mojave, but also the fundamentals of getting around, customizing your experience, and solving problems.

Among the many topics Scholle covers are new Finder features such as Dark Mode, stacks, and Gallery view; system-wide tools like Quick Actions (which let you perform common functions without opening an app), Mojave's enhanced screenshot features, and new capabilities built into Siri; revisions to Apple apps such as the App Store, Mail, and Safari; and features that span macOS and iOS platforms, such as Continuity Camera (using your iPhone's camera to insert a picture on your Mac) and updates to the Dock.

You’ll also discover lots of helpful tips on using Mojave, including how to:

  • Change the overall appearance of your Mac's display, modify the accent color, and use the new dynamic desktop images
  • Use Stacks to keep the files on your desktop tidy and organized—effortlessly
  • Change the Dock's new way of showing recent apps if you don't like it
  • Preview graphics and other files with Gallery view, and get more information about them in the Preview pane
  • Use Quick Actions (in the Preview pane, Quick Look, contextual menus, and elsewhere) to modify documents directly, without finding and launching an app
  • Make your own custom Quick Actions
  • Use Mojave's enhanced security and privacy features to keep yourself and your data safe and avoid unwanted tracking
  • Capture your Mac's screen (as a photo or movie) in any of numerous ways, without needing an extra app
  • Use Siri to find files, modify system preferences, find your Apple devices, perform specific tasks in apps, get answers to questions, and much more
  • Make Safari more friendly by selectively blocking pop-ups, showing favicons, and avoiding potentially harmful extensions
  • Use your iPhone to take a picture and insert it in a document on your Mac in one step
  • Navigate the updated App Store
  • Use the new Home, News, Stocks, and Voice Memos apps
  • Share iCloud data and purchases within a family
  • Solve common problems

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Table of contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Basics
    3. What’s New in Version 1.1
  2. Introduction
  3. What’s New in Mojave?
    1. The Finder
    2. System-Wide Tools
    3. Apple Apps
    4. Cross-Device Features
    5. Fundamentals
  4. Get Up to Speed with Finder Updates
    1. Discover Dark Mode
    2. Change the Accent
    3. Follow the Sun with Dynamic Desktops
    4. Explore Cool New Desktop Images
    5. Tidy Up with Stacks
    6. Keep Desktop Folders on Top
    7. View Recently Used Apps in the Dock
    8. Get a Closer Look with Gallery View
    9. See More with the Preview Pane
  5. Save Time with New System-Wide Shortcuts
    1. Find Quick Actions
    2. Try Easy, Built-in Quick Actions
    3. Make a Custom Quick Action
  6. Protect Your Privacy
    1. Keep an Eye on Your Apps
    2. Use Strong, Unique Passwords Online
    3. Get Help with Security Codes
    4. Stop Advertisers Tracking You Online
    5. Set Ad Preferences for Apple Apps
    6. Allow Websites to Check for Apple Pay
  7. Discover the Little Things in Mojave
    1. Take Tricky Screenshots
    2. Easily Add Emoji to Email
    3. Get a Hand Filing Mail Messages
    4. Access More Language Options
    5. Rev Up Graphics with eGPU Support
  8. Say More to Siri
    1. Get Started
    2. Change Siri’s Voice or Language
    3. Find Files with Siri
    4. Work with System Preferences and Information
    5. New! Find Your Apple Devices
    6. Do Tasks with Apps
    7. Get Answers to Questions
    8. Ask Siri What You Can Ask
  9. Explore the New App Store
    1. Get Help Finding Good Apps
    2. Zoom In on an App
    3. Buy an App
    4. Find and Install App Updates
    5. Adjust Account Settings
  10. Control Your Home
    1. Set Up the Home App
    2. Control Accessories
    3. Set the Scene
    4. Put Your House on Autopilot
  11. Stay On Top of the News
    1. Set Up the News App
    2. Find Stories, Channels, and Topics
    3. Control Notifications
  12. Update Your Safari Smarts
    1. Selectively Block Safari Pop-Ups
    2. Quickly Find the Tab You Seek
    3. Say Hello to Safari Extension Changes
  13. Take Stock of Your Stocks
    1. Edit Your Watchlist
    2. Get the Picture with Charts
    3. See Related News of the Day
  14. Record Your Thoughts with Voice Memos
    1. Turn On Syncing
    2. Make a Recording
    3. Play a Recording
    4. Edit a Recording
    5. Trim a Recording
    6. Delete a Recording
    7. Drag and Drop Recordings into Apps
  15. Move Easily Between Your Devices
    1. Check the Requirements
    2. Switch Between Devices with Handoff
    3. New! Insert iPhone Shots into Docs
    4. Copy and Paste Between Devices with Universal Clipboard
    5. Turn Your Mac into a Speakerphone
    6. Unlock Your Mac with Your Apple Watch
  16. Use iCloud Family Sharing
    1. Set Up Family Sharing
    2. Make Adjustments to Family Sharing
    3. Share Family Reminders
    4. Share a Family Calendar
    5. Share a Family Photo Album
    6. Stop Family Sharing
    7. Transfer a Child to Another Family
  17. Troubleshoot Mac Problems
    1. Zap a Frozen App
    2. Solve Slowdowns
    3. Tame Troubled Startups
    4. Try Disk Utility’s First Aid
    5. Turn to macOS Recovery
  18. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Publisher
  19. Copyright and Fine Print

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Mojave
  • Author(s): Scholle McFarland
  • Release date: September 2018
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781947282285