Manipulate PDFs

We’ve covered how to add text, shapes, signatures, and more to a page in PDF, but what if you want to work at an overview level to re-organize or format the pages in a PDF? Whether it’s Rearranging, Deleting, and Adding Pages; Rotating Pages; Cropping Pages; or even Changing PDF Color, Preview makes it possible.

Rearranging, Deleting, and Adding Pages

If you don’t like the order of pages in your PDF, you can change it. You can also delete pages, copy them to another PDF, and even add a new blank page or a page from a scanner.

TidBITS editor in chief Tonya Engst does this sort of thing all the time with multi-page scanned documents, such as scans of the paperwork that she receives for each payroll. She feeds the pile of papers ...

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