Create a PDF

Chances are good that you have a bunch of PDFs scattered around your Mac’s drive right now—and you can use PDFpen with any of them.

But real chefs cook up their own PDFs:

  • If you’re a complete do-it-yourselfer, you can make a PDF entirely from scratch (see below).

  • If you prefer to work with prepared ingredients, you can make a PDF from anything your Mac can print. See Print to PDF.

  • If you like imported delicacies, you can Import from Scans and Graphic Files to make a new PDF, and even perform optical character recognition (OCR) on them.

  • If you like to work with leftovers, you can make a new PDF from the bits and pieces of other PDFs you have hanging around. Read Combine Existing PDFs.

  • If you need to serve up multi-course banquets, ...

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