Take Control of Apple Watch, 2nd Edition

Book description

Explore everything your Apple Watch can do in watchOS 8!
Version 2.0.1, updated November 23, 2021

Get to know your Apple Watch and customize it to help you focus on what you care about most. Tech expert Jeff Carlson helps you understand the watch mindset, pick the watch model that’s right for you, set up and share its faces and their complications, get the notifications you want, handle communications, and learn how the controls and core apps work.

Since its introduction in 2015, the Apple Watch has become the world's best-selling watch, as well as the most popular wearable digital device. During that time, Apple has also added numerous new watch product lines, vastly expanded the device's capabilities, and enabled developers to create entirely new apps and tools. The Apple Watch hides an enormous amount of technical complexity behind that unassuming touch screen, and with help from author Jeff Carlson, you'll unlock every last bit of its power.

Take Control of Apple Watch covers all Apple Watch models through Series 7, as well as all the new features introduced in watchOS 8. Jeff walks you through getting to know the Apple Watch (including how to pick one out if you haven’t already), along with topics that teach you how to navigate among the watch’s screens with the physical controls, taps on the screen, and Siri. You’ll also find advice on customizing watch faces and sharing them with others, taking advantage of the blood oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6 and later, getting the notifications you want, handling text and voice communications, using Apple’s core apps, and monitoring your heart rate, hearing, and monthly cycle to improve your overall health. A final chapter discusses taking care of your Apple Watch, including recharging, restarting, resetting, and restoring.

Among the many topics covered in the book are:

  • Picking out and setting up your own Apple Watch—covers models up through Series 7
  • Making watch face complications work for you
  • Using the Control Center and Dock
  • Understanding how the watch interacts with your iPhone
  • Staying connected using a cellular-enabled Apple Watch model
  • Tracking your exercise, even when you leave your iPhone at home
  • Placing and receiving phone calls on the watch
  • Using the Walkie-Talkie feature to chat with other Apple Watch owners
  • Sending default (and customized) text messages
  • Seeing email from only certain people
  • Adding items to your reminder lists with Siri
  • Loading your watch with photos and using them to create new watch faces
  • Doing workouts with Apple Fitness+
  • Finding people, devices, and items
  • Controlling your home with HomeKit-compatible devices
  • Triggering the iPhone’s camera remotely using the watch
  • Paying at contactless terminals using Apple Pay
  • Putting tickets in your watch
  • Using health-related features such as the blood oxygen sensor, ECG, Cycle Tracking, and Noise apps
  • Getting navigation directions (and using the Compass app)
  • Controlling an Apple TV, or Music or iTunes on a Mac with the Remote app
  • Unlocking a Mac (and authenticating certain actions in Catalina or later) with your watch
  • Adding apps to the watch via your iPhone or the watch's built-in App Store
  • Resetting a messed-up Apple Watch and force-quitting an app

Table of contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. What’s New in Version 2.0.1
    3. What Was New in the Second Edition
  2. Introduction
  3. Apple Watch Quick Start
  4. Understand the Apple Watch
    1. The iPhone Connection
    2. Charge the Apple Watch
    3. Apple Pay and Wallet
    4. Security
    5. Which Watch?
    6. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Connections
    7. Watch Bands
  5. Apple Watch First Tasks
    1. Switch to the App List View
    2. Turn Off the Option to Auto-Add Apps
    3. Set the Watch’s Default Wi-Fi Network
    4. Set the Appearance and Feedback
    5. Set Up Medical ID
    6. Activate Find My Apple Watch
    7. Give Siri a Try
  6. Interact with the Apple Watch
    1. The Digital Crown
    2. The Side Button
    3. Interact with the Screen
    4. Talk to Your Wrist
    5. Haptic Feedback
  7. Personalize the Apple Watch Face
    1. Pick a Watch Face
    2. Set Up and Use Complications
    3. Save a Custom Face
    4. Use Your Own Photos
    5. Share Watch Faces
  8. Use Control Center
    1. Connection Info
    2. Cellular
    3. Wi-Fi
    4. Airplane Mode
    5. Battery Level
    6. Ping iPhone
    7. Flashlight
    8. Focus
    9. Silent Mode
    10. Theater Mode
    11. Water Lock
    12. Audio Output
    13. Audio Controls
    14. Announce Messages
    15. Walkie Talkie
    16. Edit Control Center Icons
  9. Work with Apps
    1. Locate and Open Apps
    2. Access the Dock
    3. Add and Organize Dock Apps
    4. Turn Off Animation
    5. Customize the Home Screen
    6. Install Apps
    7. Remove Apps
  10. Manage Notifications
    1. Act on a Notification
    2. Keep Notifications Private
    3. View Missed Notifications
    4. Clear Notifications
    5. Choose Which Notifications You Receive
    6. Choose Feedback for Alerts
    7. Receive Mail from VIPs Only
  11. Communicate with Friends
    1. Reply to Messages
    2. Chat Using the Messages App
    3. Communicate by Phone
    4. Speak Using Walkie-Talkie
  12. Communicate Using Mail
    1. Read Email
    2. Reply to a Message
    3. Write Email
    4. Personalize Mail Browsing
  13. Stay Healthy with the Apple Watch
    1. Activity Tracking
    2. Monitor Your Heart Health
    3. Measure Your Blood Oxygen Level
    4. Monitor Your Hearing
    5. Share Activity
    6. Work the Workout
    7. Calibrate the Sensors
    8. Track Your Cycle
    9. Be More Mindful
    10. Sleep Better
    11. Thoroughly Wash Your Hands
  14. Control Your Home
    1. Control Lights and Accessories Using the Home App
    2. Broadcast Using the Intercom Feature
  15. Use Apple Pay and Wallet
    1. Set Up Cards for Apple Pay
    2. Use Apple Pay in Person
    3. Use Apple Pay on a Mac
    4. Work in Wallet
    5. Unlock Doors Using Home Keys
  16. Use Maps and Directions
    1. Find a Location Using Siri
    2. Find a Location Using the Maps App
    3. Get Directions
    4. Return Home
    5. Compass
    6. About the GPS
    7. Find People, Devices, and Items
  17. Manage Calendars and Reminders
    1. Open the Calendar App
    2. Views in the Calendar App
    3. Use Siri with Calendar
    4. Respond to a Reminder
    5. Use the Reminders App
    6. Set Timers
  18. Experience Media on the Apple Watch
    1. Now Playing
    2. Listen to Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks
    3. Control Media Remotely
    4. View (and Capture) Photos
  19. Use Family Setup
    1. Add a Watch Using Family Setup
    2. Configure Schooltime Mode
  20. Customizations and Important Settings
    1. Watch Orientation
    2. Wake Screen Options
    3. Adjust Appearance
    4. Sounds and Haptics
    5. Rename Your Watch
    6. Nightstand Mode
    7. Accessibility
    8. Passcode
    9. Wrist Detection
    10. Pair Another Watch
    11. Unlock Your Mac
    12. Use Emergency Features
  21. Care and Feeding of Your Apple Watch
    1. Recharge the Watch
    2. Restart the Watch
    3. Reset the Watch
    4. Restore the Watch
    5. Updating the Watch’s Software
    6. If the Watch Goes Missing
    7. Cleaning
  22. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Publisher
    4. Credits
  23. Copyright and Fine Print

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Apple Watch, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Jeff Carlson
  • Release date: November 2021
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781947282490