9. Having Fun with Siri

You’ve taken a close look at the practical day-to-day uses of Siri. You’ve seen how to check the weather, send text messages, control your playlist, calculate tips, and more. Those are all well and good, but they fail to showcase Siri’s real sparkle.

After all, Siri is fun as well as practical. You can use Siri in a...forgive the pun...serious manner and totally miss the point of how delightful a tool it is to use. With that in mind, this chapter introduces the lighter side of Siri.

Siri Diversions

Siri offers many delightful diversions to enjoy when you have a few minutes to play around with its features. As Figure 9-1 shows, Siri is quite whimsical if you know how to ask the right questions or feed it the right statement. ...

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