Tap, Move, Shake

Book description

Got a great game idea? This complete do-it-yourself guide shows you how to make your game idea a reality for the iPhone and iPad. By developing a real game hands-on through the course of this book, you’ll get a thorough introduction to Xcode and Objective-C, while learning how to implement game logic, sophisticated graphics, game physics, sounds, and computer AI.

Author Todd Moore taught himself how to create an iPhone game in a week, with no previous knowledge of Apple’s development tools. Now he develops smartphone games and apps full time. With this book, any coder can turn game ideas into real products, ready for the App Store.

  • Get started by writing a simple game in only 20 lines of code
  • Build a complete air hockey game from scratch
  • Learn best practices for tracking multiple screen touches
  • Use animation loops and create collision functions
  • Get the tools you need to build your own stunning game graphics
  • Apply game physics to give your game a sense of realism
  • Record and edit lifelike sound effects, and create your own background music
  • Design a computer player with different levels of difficulty
  • Featuring an introduction by Steve Wozniak

Todd Moore founded TMSOFT to create unique smart phone applications and games. His most popular game title, Card Counter, was featured by Engadget, the Los Angeles Times, and CNET TV. Todd’s most popular application, White Noise, was featured by iTunes, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, PC Magazine, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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Table of contents

  1. Dedication
  2. About the Author
  3. Foreword
  4. Preface
    1. Who Should Read This Book
    2. What You Will Learn
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. Using Code Examples
    5. Safari® Books Online
    6. How to Contact Us
  5. 1. Introduction to Xcode
    1. Developer Registration
    2. Installation
    3. Xcode
      1. Project Types
      2. Xcode Interface
        1. Navigator Area
        2. Editor Area
        3. Utility Area
        4. Debug Area
      3. Building and Running
        1. Simulator
        2. Device
      4. Code Structure
      5. Application States
    4. Interface Builder
    5. Connections
    6. Game Logic
  6. 2. Hello Pong
    1. Project Creation
      1. Target Settings
      2. App Info
    2. Laying Out the Game Pieces
      1. Interface Builder
      2. Connections
    3. Multi-touch
      1. Four Methods of Touch
      2. Enable Multi-touch
      3. Moving Paddles
      4. Multi-touch Issues: Third Finger on the Glassy Knoll
      5. Touch the Right Way
    4. Animation
    5. Collision
    6. Scoring
    7. Finishing Touches
      1. Displaying Messages
      2. Game Over
      3. Increasing Difficulty
      4. Pause and Resume
      5. Shake Gesture
    8. Sounds
  7. 3. Graphics
    1. Introduction
    2. Bitmaps and Vectors
    3. Image Formats
    4. Retina Display
    5. Creating Images for an Air Hockey Game
      1. Making the Puck Image
      2. Making the Paddle Image
      3. Making the Air Hockey Table
      4. Buttons
      5. Review Game Images
      6. Application Icon
    6. Application Integration
      1. Project Creation
      2. Interface Builder and Images
    7. Build and Run
  8. 4. Physics
    1. Paddle Physics
    2. Puck Physics
  9. 5. Sounds
    1. What Is Sound?
      1. Digital Recordings
      2. File Formats
    2. Creating Sounds
    3. Downloading Sounds
    4. Recording Sounds
    5. Editing Sounds
  10. 6. Computer AI
    1. Computer Player Menu
    2. Computer Player
      1. Basics
      2. Human Model
      3. Defense
      4. Offense
    3. Computer Difficulty
  11. 7. App Store
    1. Screenshots
    2. Creating the Application Description and Keywords
    3. Submitting Metadata to iTunes Connect
    4. Archive and Submit
    5. App Review
    6. App Marketing and Sales
      1. The Social Network
      2. The iTunes Feature
      3. Free Web Reviews
      4. The Lite Version
      5. Paid Advertising
      6. Tracking Sales & Ranks
    7. Conclusion
  12. Index
  13. About the Author
  14. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Tap, Move, Shake
  • Author(s): Todd Moore
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449303457