10 Retracing the History of the Concept of Taste

Anissa Pomiès and Zeynep Arsel

Suggested Preliminary Reading

  1. Kant, Immanuel (1987), Critique of Judgment, Translated by Werner S. Pluhar. Indianapolis: Hackett.
  2. Bourdieu, Pierre (1984), Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste, Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press.
  3. Hennion, Antoine (2007), “Those Things That Hold Us Together: Taste and Sociology,” Cultural Sociology, 1(1), 97–114.

Recommended Further Reading

  1. Gherardi, Silvia (2009), “Practice? It’s a Matter of Taste!”, Management Learning, 40(5), 535–50.
  2. Gronow, Jukka (2011), “Taste,” In Encylopaedia of Consumer Culture, edited by Dale Southerton, volume 3, 1427–1435. London: Sage.
  3. Woodward, Ian (2012), “Consumption as Cultural ...

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