Appendix D. Solutions to Selected Exercises


Calculate the maximum number of class A, B, and C network IDs.


The value is 27 – 2 (126) plus 214 - 2 (16,382) plus 221 – 2 (2,097,150) for a total of 2,113,658. We subtract 2 in each calculation since a network ID of all zero bits or all one bits is invalid.


Fetch the file nsfnet/statistics/history.netcount using anonymous FTP (Section 27.3) from the host This file contains the number of domestic and foreign networks announced to the NSFNET infrastructure. Plot these values with the year on the x-axis and a logarithmic y-axis with the total number of networks. The maximum value for the y-axis should be the value calculated in the previous exercise. If the data shows ...

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