Test: Part 3

DO NOT REFER TO THE TEXT WHEN TAKING THIS TEST. A GOOD SCORE IS AT LEAST 37 CORRECT. Answers are in the back of the book. It’s best to have a friend check your score the first time, so you won’t memorize the answers if you want to take the test again.

1.  When you design a power supply that uses rectifier diodes, you must make sure that each diode can handle

(a)  at least the expected average DC forward current.

(b)  at least half again the expected average DC forward current.

(c)  no more than 60 Hz.

(d)  at least 100 V RMS.

(e)  transients caused by lightning striking a nearby power line.

2.  A crystal set radio receiver comprises an antenna, a detector, a headset shunted by a capacitor, and

(a)  an LC circuit.

(b)  an amplifier. ...

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