Chapter 16. Installation Tests

Why Read This Chapter?

To be effective in testing installation programs, we need to analyze the functional roles of both the installation and uninstallation programs from the designer's perspective. Knowledge of potential issues and common errors that are specific to the operating system and environment in which the installation program will be running contributes to effective test-case design. It is also helpful to learn about available tools and techniques that can be used to track changes to the environment, both before and after installations and uninstalls.


This chapter looks at the functional roles of installation and uninstallation programs. Common errors and issues that are associated with these programs in Web environments are discussed. Installation methods for both client-side and server-side installations are explored. Test-case design and test considerations for testing installation and uninstallation programs are also covered. Tips and tools related to tracking changes to the environment (such as the InCtrl utility shown in Figure 16.6) are also discussed.

In an installation process, undetected errors—either server-side or client-side—can prevent robust applications from ...

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