accountability for challenges, 45-46


as contagious, 92

criticism, accepting, 159-161

impact of, 93

improving, 91-97

overcoming bad attitudes, 141-147

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, 11


bad attitudes, overcoming, 141-147

bad business practices

bad attitudes, overcoming, 141-147

energy depletion, 135-136

from victims, 136-137

from whiners, 138-140

gossip, 153-157

impact of, 7

leaving jobs, 149-152

publishing company example, 75-77

researching, 14-15

retail industry examples, 12-14

balance between work and family, 103-109

bank teller example (power of giving), 120

body language

in kick-off meetings, 63

showing lack of commitment, 58

Branson, Richard, 12


celebrations, daily, 71-79

Cialdini, Robert, 122

commitment, ...

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