Foreword by Stephen Hayes

Foreword by Allison Mankin and Jon Peterson

About the Authors

Preface to the Third Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition


Part I Introduction to the IMS

Chapter 1 IMS Vision: Where Do We Want to Go?

1.1 The Internet

1.2 The Cellular World

1.3 Why do we need the IMS?

1.4 Relation between IMS and non-IMS Services

Chapter 2 The History of the IMS Standardization

2.1 Relations between IMS-related Standardization Bodies

2.2 Internet Engineering Task Force

2.3 Third Generation Partnership Project

2.4 Third Generation Partnership Project 2

2.5 IETF-3GPP/3GPP2 Collaboration

2.6 Open Mobile Alliance

Chapter 3 General Principles of the IMS Architecture

3.1 From Circuit-switched to Packet-switched

3.2 IMS Requirements

3.3 Overview of Protocols used in the IMS

3.4 Overview of IMS Architecture

3.5 Identification in the IMS

3.6 SIM, USIM, and ISIM in 3GPP

3.7 Next Generation Networks (NGN)

Part II The Signaling Plane in the IMS

Chapter 4 Session Control on the Internet

4.1 SIP Functionality

4.2 SIP Entities

4.3 Message Format

4.4 The Start Line in SIP Responses: the Status Line

4.5 The Start Line in SIP Requests: the Request Line

4.6 Header Fields

4.7 Message Body

4.8 SIP Transactions

4.9 Message Flow for Session Establishment

4.10 SIP Dialogs

4.11 Extending SIP

4.12 Caller Preferences and User Agent Capabilities

4.13 Reliability of Provisional Responses

4.14 Preconditions

4.15 Event Notification

4.16 Signaling ...

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