In my early years of business, my tips and lessons were all about hard work and dedication, and hiring the right people. But over time and after speaking to so many young entrepreneurs, and highly successful people, my number one lesson has changed to this: simply marry well or choose the right partner. In coming to this realisation, I look at my own journey and the support I had from my husband to be the best I could be. When I doubted myself, he was there to reassure me. When I came home stressed out of my mind, he was there to put it all in perspective. When we sold our family home, he was there to say we would make it work. He has always been there, supporting me and helping make me the best I could be. Without this support, we could not have achieved what we have. To have Jeff's honest feedback helps create the businesswoman that I am today.

But imagine the reverse: a partner who puts you down and says that it cannot be done; who says you're not capable because you have no proof that you can do it; who leaves you living in fear of losing everything. There is no way you could achieve or be the best you can be in this situation. Your greatest joy comes from hanging out with and marrying your best friend but the worst pain and stress comes from choosing the wrong partner. I have seen amazing men and women wanting to fulfil their passion but who have a constant battle with partners who may be well-meaning, but in the end stop the dreams. So this is my number ...

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