CHAPTER 4The Examination

Betty found herself entering a brightly lit room. (See Figure 18 on page 58.) We asked her to describe it to us.

Fred: How large is the room?

Betty: Very large. Very high over my head. Very wide, but it closes in on you.

Fred: Does it have corners?

Betty: No, it’s dome-shaped. It’s rounded.

Jules: Can you see the source of the illumination?

Betty: It comes from all over the place.

Jules: Is the ship moving?

Betty: I don’t feel as if it’s moving. I couldn’t tell—because I’m just in that room, that building, or whatever it is.

Jules: Can you see any furniture?

Betty: Yes. There’s something like a desk or boxlike thing.

Jules: Can you see any welded seams on the wall or some type of seam?

Betty: No, it seems smooth all the ...

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