Optimizing for Product Search

Google Product Search is less popular than some of the other Google-owned properties (reference the Hitwise charts shown at the beginning of this chapter). However, top rankings for product-based businesses in Google Product Search are critical. This is because the top three Google Product Search results sometimes make their way into the main web search results, grouped together as a onebox (specially grouped vertical search results added to the SERPs along with the traditional 10 blue links). This Product Search onebox can appear anywhere on the page—top, middle, or bottom. Figure 8-8 shows an example for the search canon powershot.

Product search onebox for “canon powershot”

Figure 8-8. Product search onebox for “canon powershot”

Getting into Google Product Search

The first step toward optimizing your website for Google Product Search is to put together a feed for your products and submit them to Google Base. You can upload products in bulk, and you can learn the specifics of the formatting of the feed at http://www.google.com/base/bulkuploads.

To be included in Google Product Search you need to upload true physical/tangible products. Google Base will accept other types of items, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, travel packages, and real estate, but such items will not get into Google Product Search.

In your feed, populate as many fields as possible with data (fields such as Brand, Category, ...

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