This section examines resources in the areas of planning and communicating.


Following are resources for outsourcing:

  • Elance (top rated outsourcing) — See Elance is a premier place to find outsourced talent. Prices are a bit higher than Guru or oDesk, but on the whole, talent may be a bit more reliable as well.
  • Guru (popular outsource site) — See Like Elance, Guru is another outsourcing option. Its prices are a bit lower, and you will find more non-U.S. talent here.
  • oDesk (popular outsource site) — See oDesk is the newest general outsource site of the big three. You can find great rates here, a lot of non-U.S. talent, and, like Guru, it isn't quite as full-featured a site as Elance, but is capable and recommended.
  • Get Apps Done (iOS and other platform outsourcing) — See Whether you are a developer, or need to outsource to one, this is one site that can help connect the two, primarily focused on iOS and Android developers.

image Useful search engine terms include “iPhone app development,” “mobile app development,” “iPhone outsourcing,” and “iPhone developers.”

Project Management

Following are resources for project management:

  • Basecamp (online project management) — See “Basecamp” (shown in Figure B-2) from 37 Signals is a full-featured, online project-management ...

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