Note: Page numbers with “f” denote figures’ “t” tables; and “b” boxes.


Advanced Package Tool (APT), 5b–6b
Arduino attack vectors, 138–139
Armitage, 116
command, 117
connection exception, 117–118
Hail Mary function, 117
initial Armitage screen, 118
main Armitage screen, 118
starting Armitage, 117–118
utilization, 117See also exploitation
Attack machine
dhclient command, 11
DHCP use, 11
DNS server, 10
icon to launch terminal window, 9f
ifconfig command, 10
IP address, 10
Linux distributions, 9–10
lo interface, 10
review steps, 11
for running Kali or Backtrack, 9
for turning network card on, 10
Automated attacks, 125


Back Orifice, 185
Backdoor, 17, 48–49, 168See also Netcat
Backtrack Linux, 4–7, 13
advantage, 9
attack machine to run, ...

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