9.3 Working with the GIMP Interface

In this section, we discuss the three main ways to interact with GIMP: opening a menu, using a keyboard command, and using the mouse to click and drag a component from one dialog to another.


You can open a menu from the Image window in three ways:

  • Click the menu name in the menu bar, as shown in Figure 9-29 (top).

  • Use the Image menu button in the top-left corner of the Image window, as shown in Figure 9-29 (middle).

  • Right-click the Image window, as shown in Figure 9-29 (bottom).

Menus that are opened from the Image menu button or from right-clicking the Image window display a dashed line at the top. If you click the dashed line, the menu becomes a separate window, as shown in Figure 9-30. This is handy if you ...

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