17.6 The Noise Filters

The six Noise filters add noise to an image and therefore do the opposite of the Enhance filters.

HSV Noise

HSV Noise adds noise using the HSV model, so you can adjust the dynamics of the H, S, and V components.

In the dialog, shown in Figure 17-113, you can adjust the strength of the random variation in the three HSV components. HUE varies from [0 to 180], SATURATION and VALUE from [0 to 255]. HOLDNESS [1 to 8] is inversely proportional to the hue variation: 2 results in a stronger variation than 8.

The HSV Noise dialog

Figure 17-113. The HSV Noise dialog

Figure 17-114. The initial image

The initial image is shown in Figure 17-114 and the result in ...

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