Asset management, 67–68

At rest data protection, 113

Audit and regulatory support, 95–96

Audit report review, 13

Authentication, 56–57

Availability, 52–53

Backup management, 68–69

Business case development, 78–81

Business continuity/Disaster recovery (BC/DR) capabilities, 74–75

Campaign schedule, 43–44

CASBs. See Cloud access security brokers

Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls, 66

Change management, 64–65

CISO/IT risk management leader

audit report review, 13

credibility with peers and stakeholders, 11–13

existing/future budget commitments, 7–9

governance structure program, 3–5

interviewing, 1–3

organizational chart, 5–7

organizational structure, 5–7

prior assessment review, 13

program maturity measurement, ...

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