Chapter 15. The Buying Brain in the Aisle

At the end of this chapter, you'll know and be able to use the following:

  • What the brain avoids in the retail environment

  • The essential framework the brain uses to organize the shopping experience

  • Best practices for retail environments

  • How to activate Neurological Iconic Signatures at the store

It's a jungle in there. Literally, from your brain's point of view, when you walk into a store—let's say, your typical supermarket—regions of your brain react the same way that they did when our ancient predecessors made their dangerous progress across the Serengeti.

For example, what would you guess would alarm your subconscious, setting off a 100,000-year-old internal warning system as you wander the aisles?

The answer is something as common as an end cap (that's the display area at the end of most supermarket aisles). It triggers what neuroscience describes as an avoidance response ...

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