Chapter 31What Does a Good Leader Look Like?

‘Leadership: it’s the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.’

Dwight D. Eisenhower7

embarrassingly trite for a moment, a leader is sim

To be embarrassingly trite for a moment, a leader is simply someone whom people wish to follow. A good leader, however, also knows – and cares – where he or she is taking them.

But before I begin my description of what a good leader looks like, let me be completely clear: there is no absolutely right or wrong way to lead. There is no absolutely right or wrong leadership style, and even great leaders are human and will have their bad days.

However, a good leader must be able to do a few straightforward things.

A good leader is obsessed with the delivery of tangible business outcomes, not obsessing over details of the process that should have been followed or whether a particular project's action items have been completed. Effort is admirable but ultimately irrelevant. A good leader knows that delivery and results are paramount.

‘Leadership is defined by results not attributes.’

Peter Drucker

They possess the ability to paint the big picture for their people, shareholders and customers. They give their people an aspiration to aim for. They are able to set a vision of the future that is both credible and captures their employees' imaginations. They are also capable of driving, inspiring, encouraging ...

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