The Courageous Leader

Book description

Tap into everyday courage for extraordinary results

The Courageous Leader presents a much-needed reminder for leaders everywhere: it takes courage. Courage is not just about heroic acts in grandiose situations—it's about everyday, solid-as-a-rock support and leadership that motivates, inspires, and delivers. It's about taking a risk on a great idea, and it's about seeing opportunities in the day-to-day. Courageous leaders aren't necessarily the bold "Navy SEALS" of the workplace; they're the everyday people who lead steadily through rough waters. They don't seek out discomfort, but accept it as part of the process when it occurs, and still deliver exceptional results. This book shows you how to tap into your courage reserves and build your steel. Real stories of everyday leaders show you how it's done, and provide a new lens for seeing real strength in adversity—and practicing it yourself.

Tough situations do arise, but great leaders show courage every day. Keeping your strength in reserve for the big problems leaves you operating at less-than-full capacity the rest of the time—and your people deserve better. This book shows you how to exercise courage every day in small situations to build the unshakeable foundation of a great leader.

  • Move beyond your comfort zone
  • Develop your ability to focus through tough times
  • Tap into your natural courage and hone your leadership ability
  • Leverage your strength in situations large and small

The more you exercise courage, the stronger it gets; this book shows you how to use it every day to more effectively navigate small challenges—when the big problems arise, you'll face them with The Courageous Leader.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
    1. Courage Is the Way
    2. The Three Components of Courage: Diversity, Pain, and Choice
    3. The Intention of the Author and This Book
    4. Notes
  3. 1 The Business Case for Courage
    1. The Fear of Discomfort and Pain
    2. Pain Thresholds
    3. Common Reactions to Tough Times
    4. Uncommon Choices
    5. The Big Temptation
    6. Honoring the Courageous Leader in You
    7. Assessing the Risks
    8. Notes
  4. 2 The Courage to Get Unstuck
    1. When Life Kicks You out of the Workplace
    2. Stuck in a Paradigm
    3. Pain During the Transition
    4. Making Sense of Our Pain
    5. Notes
  5. 3 The Courage to Take a Stand
    1. So, What Exactly Are Values?
    2. Actual and Aspirational Values
    3. Why Values Matter in Leadership
    4. Clarity on Values
    5. Activating Our Values
    6. Notes
  6. 4 The Courage to Be Humble
    1. Arrogance in the Workplace
    2. Intentions, Behaviors, and Arrogance
    3. Arrogance Is the Birthplace of the Humbling Experience
    4. Why Humility Matters
    5. Minimize Self and Maximize Our Bigger Purpose
    6. Notes
  7. 5 The Courage to Be Confident
    1. Those People Complex
    2. Confidence Comes from Self-Trust
    3. Your Vote Counts, and You Get to Vote for You!
    4. Confidence in the Workplace
    5. Strategies and Tools for Building Confidence
    6. Do What You Fear the Most
    7. Notes
  8. 6 The Courage to Delegate
    1. Delegation Takes Too Much Time
    2. I Feel Guilty Giving My Team More Work
    3. I Love Doing It All—or at Least Being the Superstar
    4. I Am Afraid My People Won’t Do It as Well as I Would
    5. My Customer Wants Only Me
    6. I Don’t Have People to Delegate to
    7. Notes
  9. 7 The Courage to Give and Receive Feedback
    1. The Big Temptation and Courageous Feedback
    2. The Feedback Trifecta—Giving Feedback
    3. The Feedback Trifecta—Receiving Feedback Well
    4. Notes
  10. 8 The Courage to Be in the Middle (and Not Be in the Middle)
    1. Much That Seems Personal Is Not Personal at All
    2. Be a Bottom When You Should
    3. Middle Between Two Ends
    4. Middle Space and Courage
    5. Notes
  11. 9 Grow, Recover, Repeat
    1. Recovery in the Workplace
    2. Indications We Need Recovery
    3. Notes
  12. 10 Big Dreams, Big Moves
    1. Big Dreams
    2. Big Moves
    3. Expect Success
    4. Plan for the Worst
    5. Build Your Board of Directors
    6. Recalibrating
    7. Making Your Big Move
    8. Notes
  13. Acknowledgments
  14. Epilogue
  15. About the Author
  16. Index
  17. EULA

Product information

  • Title: The Courageous Leader
  • Author(s): Angela Sebaly
  • Release date: March 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119331612