APPENDIXBData Warehouse Data Model Tables and Columns

This appendix lists information about the tables and columns from the data warehouse data model found in Chapters 12 through 14. This listing includes the table names, column names, primary key indicators, foreign key indicators, and the domain for each column.

Refer to Table A.1 for definitions of each domain in these appendices. The domain indicates a standard set of characteristics that can be applied to columns including its datatype and length. The domains and their application to the columns in these appendices provide guidelines for what datatype and length to use when physically implementing these models. The datatypes may vary depending on the target database management system. Of course, the datatype and length of each column should be adjusted as appropriate to meet the specific needs of the enterprise.

The domain definitions as they are applied to the columns in the appendices are used for the SQL code that is contained on the full-blown CD-ROM (sold separately).

Data Warehouse Data Model Tables and Column Listing

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