Animating the Sky

Next, you’ll animate the sky: as the robed figure raises his sword, rays of light will burst through the clouds. Double-click the Sky precomp. The sky is already broken into five layers. You’ll animate the clouds in the precomp, and that animation will be reflected in ViewOfHades3D.

The five sky layers are shown in Figure 15-54, Figure 15-55, Figure 15-56, Figure 15-57, and Figure 15-58.

In the Sky comp, you’ll move the individual layers so that the clouds part, revealing the rays of light. The clouds closest to the horizon are the farthest away and will move the least. The layer at the top of the comp, closest to the viewer, will move the most (Figure 15-59).

Figure 15-54: Sky 1: Farthest clouds near the horizon. This will ...

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