Note: f following the page number indicates a figure.


ABC-rated fire extinguishers, 370

abortion clinics, 418


to facility, 88–91

to people, 87–88

accidents, 67

involving chemical spills, 407–408

and networks, 278

ACD (Automated Call Director), 173

acts of God, 351

additional personnel, acquiring, 144

administrative functions, of Emergency Operations Center, 207–208

administrative plan(s), 115–132

assumptions of, 118–119

and business continuity plan, 116, 117

distribution/updating of, 130–131

document repository for, 125

executive/departmental support for, 117

and IT systems, 130

and program awareness, 128–129

purpose of, 116

recovery strategies in, 122–123

reference section of, 131

risk assessment in, 123

role players in, 119

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