CHAPTER 15The Employee Experience Design Loop

We have the Reason for Being, the three environments, and the 17 variables that create employee experiences. But, it's still a bit hard to grasp what all of that actually means and how it comes together. The world changes quickly and this means that our organizations have to change quickly as well. Employee experience is a moving target, which means that all the things in this book aren't simply a checklist that you can go through. The way the things in this book get delivered will change dramatically over time. As a result I find it helpful to think of employee experience as an ongoing and never ending back‐and‐forth interaction between employees and the organization. In other words it's like a dance where both partners need to take the appropriate steps for it to make sense. Except in this dance, the music never stops, and neither does the dancing! This is actually one of the most effective ways for organizations to truly get to know their workforce. Let's start with conceptualizing what this dance actually looks like (see Figure 15.1).

Illustration depicting Employee Experience Design Loop.

Figure 15.1 Employee Experience Design Loop

This infinity loop shows an ongoing relationship or a continuum between employees and the organization. There is no break and it's designed to flow a bit like water smoothly around the loop. It's also worth noting that your organization will have many of ...

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