CHAPTER 18Moments That Matter or Moments of Impact

Instead of thinking of a traditional employee life cycle, it's more valuable and effective to think of moments that matter or moments of impact. The blurring of our personal and work lives means that these moments also transcend these boundaries. Moments that matter can include things such as your first day at work, having a child, getting promoted, buying a house, leaving the company, or anything in between. By focusing on these moments the organization is able to look at employees as whole individuals with unique experiences as opposed to just employees who are there simply to complete a job. This is what allows organizations to bring a level of personalization to the workplace. Not every organization will have the same moments that matter, but regardless of what they are, every organization can respond by doing something concerning technology, culture, or the physical work environment.

There are three categories of moments that matter, which you can see in Figure 18.1.

Illustration of Types of Moments That Matter.

Figure 18.1 Types of Moments That Matter


These are specific moments in the life of an employee that have clear significance. They include things such as your first day on the job, buying your first house, having a child, and getting promoted. These are common moments that will most likely be shared across the majority of your workforce. ...

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