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The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Master invaluable workflow tips that will allow you to tap into the full power of Final Cut Pro X and achieve results quickly, regardless of your skill level.

Rick Young’sFocal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X, Second Edition is the ultimate mentor for getting up and running with Apple’s professional editing software. In this step-by-step, full-color guide, Young clearly explains the key concepts and vital knowledge you need to edit your project from start to finish, providing clear, time-saving instruction on producing and outputting using Final Cut Pro X. This new edition has been updated to include:

    • A thorough introduction to Final Cut Pro X and the philosophy by which the software works
    • Coverage of the complete postproduction process, including setup, importing, editing, audio, effects, and output
    • Additional sections on Multicam Editing, working with Proxies, and effective media management of Libraries
    • Instruction on encoding, distributing, and archiving your completed projects
    • A companion website (www.focalpress.com/9781138785533) featuring downloadable video footage that you can edit using the techniques covered in the book

Packed with tutorials and real-world examples, The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X, Second Editionwill take you through the ins and outs of the software and have you editing and outputting your movies in no time!

Written for Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.3 and beyond.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. System Setup
    1. A Word about Preferences
    2. Editing Preferences
    3. Playback Preferences
    4. Background Render
    5. Import Preferences
  9. The Interface
    1. The Three-Window Interface
    2. The Five-Window Interface
    3. Working with Dual Viewers
    4. Working with Dual Monitor Displays
  10. Importing Media
    1. Importing Media into Final Cut Pro X
    2. Understanding the Final Cut Pro X file structure
    3. Create a Library and Importing Media
    4. Importing Media
    5. Importing from Camera or Media Card
    6. Importing Media from Hard Drive
    7. Capture from Tape
    8. Importing to Events by dragging
  11. Organization
    1. Organizational concepts within Final Cut Pro X
    2. Creating Libraries, Events and Projects
    3. Getting practical: hands-on reviewing and organizing of footage
    4. Reviewing Footage
    5. Rating Footage
    6. Marking Sections within Clips
    7. Labeling and Searching Clips
    8. Adding Notes to Clips
    9. Batch Renaming of Clips
    10. Keywording
  12. Editing
    1. The Process
    2. Creating a New Project
    3. Manually Setting Up a Project
    4. Basic Cutting
    5. Sliding Clips around in the Timeline
    6. Separating Audio from Video
    7. The Concept of Connected Clips
    8. Directing the Flow of Video and Audio
    9. Insert Editing
    10. Overwrite Editing
    11. Marking a Range in the Timeline
    12. Editing Overview
    13. Editing Tools
    14. Turning Skimming On and Off
    15. The Concept of Storylines
    16. Trimming (in general)
    17. Working with the Trim Tool
    18. Slide Edits
    19. The Precision Editor
    20. Trimming While Playing Back in the Timeline
    21. Retiming
    22. Create a Freeze Frame
    23. Setting Clip Durations
    24. Solo Clips
    25. Disable Clips
    26. Compound Clips
    27. Whizzing around the Timeline Using Markers
    28. Reveal All the Clips Used in Your Project
    29. Locating Clips in the Event Libary or on the Hard Drive
    30. Cut, Copy, and Paste
    31. Show Used Media and Show Unused Media
    32. Automatic Backups of Libraries, Events and Projects
    33. Versioning
    34. Creating Custom Project Sizes
    35. Active Clip Indicator
    36. Auditioning
    37. Rendering
    38. Adjusting represented size of image in the Viewer
    39. Switching between Better Quality and Better Performance
    40. Working with Proxies
    41. Mulitcam editing
    42. Creating a Multicam Clip
    43. Editing Multicam Clips
    44. Copying media between Libraries and Events
    45. Organizing media in the Event Browser with Folders
    46. Putting it all Together
  13. Audio
    1. Sound Mixing
    2. Back to Basics
    3. Adjust the Audio Level within a Clip
    4. Fading Audio
    5. Fading Audio Using the Range Tool
    6. Keyframing Audio
    7. Adding Audio Mixes
    8. Expand Audio Components
    9. Break Apart Clip Items
    10. Relationship of the Inspector to Audio Output
    11. Setting Audio Pan Controls
    12. Switching Audio Tracks On and Off in the Inspector
    13. Boosting Audio Levels with the Gain Filter
    14. Keyframing Audio Gain
    15. Automated Loudness: Setting Audio Levels Quickly
    16. Graphic Equalizer
  14. Effects
    1. Types of Effects
    2. Video and Audio Effects
    3. Transitions
    4. Text
    5. Creating a Static Title
    6. Going Wacky with Fonts
    7. Fading Titles On and Off and Adjusting Transparency
    8. Keyframing Text
    9. Show Title/Action Safe Zones
    10. Generators
    11. Themes
      1. Working with Title Themes
      2. Working with Transition Themes
    12. Transform Controls
      1. Transform
    13. Crop Controls
    14. Trimming Images
    15. Cropping Images
    16. Working with the Ken Burns Effect
    17. Distort Controls
    18. Basic Keyframing
    19. Stabilization
    20. Keying
      1. Chroma Key
      2. Luma Key
    21. Color Correction
    22. Color Board
    23. Working with the Color Board
    24. Adjusting Saturation
    25. Exposure Adjustment
    26. Color Presets
    27. Paste Attributes
  15. Share and Archive
    1. Export Media Using Share
    2. Media Management
    3. Delete Render Files for Projects and Events
    4. Relink Media
    5. Archive and Backup
  16. Enjoy the Ride
  17. Index