We thank our many colleagues for their support for this new book. It is certain that without their encouragement (and pressure), this work would not have got off the ground. In particular, we thank Steve Blackburn, Hans Boehm, David Bacon, Cliff Click, David Detlefs, Daniel Frampton, Robin Garner, Barry Hayes, Laurence Hellyer, Maurice Herlihy, Martin Hirzel, Tomáš Kalibera, Doug Lea, Simon Marlow, Alan Mycroft, Cosmin Oancea, Erez Petrank, Fil Pizlo, Tony Printezis, John Reppy, David Siegwart, Gil Tene and Mario Wolczko, all of whom have answered our many questions or given us excellent feedback on early drafts. We also pay tribute to the many computer scientists who have worked on automatic memory management since 1958: without ...

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