5 Basic Tool Descriptions

Standard Screwdriver (Common or Blade Type)

A standard screwdriver, also known as a common or blade type, usually has a shank (shaft) ranging from 3 in. to about 12 in. long. Longer and shorter ones are available as well. The tip, which is also called the blade, has a wide face and a thin blade. Some screwdrivers have a thin face and a wide blade.

Phillips Screwdriver

The most common Phillips screwdriver (Figure 5.1a) is a number-two tip (a 30-degree tip). If you use a number one (which has a smaller tip but still a 30-degree angle) in place of the required number two, you will strip the screw head and eventually the screwdriver tip itself. Always be sure that the tip is correct and is completely and squarely set in ...

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