2Essential equipment

Apple boxes

An apple box is a wooden box. Why it is called an apple box I can only guess, but legend (and there are many) has it that the forerunner to this modern-day box was, in fact, a box used to carry apples. Grips would just flip the open side down and stand on it. (Most likely not, but a still an entertaining story.) An apple box has multiple purposes. It can be used for sitting, standing, elevating props, and leveling off uneven heights. Apple boxes come in four common sizes, as illustrated in Figure 2.1.

  • Full apple boxes are 12 in. × 20 in. × 8 in.
  • Half apple boxes are 12 in. × 20 in. × 4 in.
  • Quarter apple boxes are 12 in. × 20 in. × 2 in.
  • Eight apple boxes are 12 in. × 20 in. × 1 in.

The eight apple box is ...

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