Figures and Tables

Notes on Contributors

Series Editor’s Preface


1 Introduction: Foundations of the Theory and Practice of Global Media and Communication Policy


Technology and GMCP

Analytical Tools and Perspectives

GMCP in Historical Perspective

Media and Communication Policy Destabilization

Conclusion: Toward an Emergent GMCP Regime

Overview of the Handbook

Part I Contested Concepts: An Emerging Field

2 The Origins of International Agreements and Global Media: The Post, the Telegraph, and Wireless Communication Before World War I


The Post

The Telegraph


The Horizon

3 The Evolution of GMCP Institutions


Part I: Institutional Profiles

Part II: Thematic Analysis

The Path Ahead

4 Whose Global Village?


Unique Characteristics of Communication and Its Policy Research

Lessons from Twentieth-Century Experience

Toward Global Media and Policy


5 Free Flow Doctrine in Global Media Policy


Deconstructing the “Free Marketplace of Ideas”

Contextualizing the “Free Flow of Information”

Balanced United Nations Declarations

Contemporary Notions of Freedom of Information


6 Human Rights and Their Role in Global Media and Communication Discourses


History of Human Rights

Human Rights and Communication Policy: A Civil Society Perspective

Human Rights and Communication Policy: An Institutional Perspective

Human Rights and Communication Policy: A Business Perspective

Human ...

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