Chapter 2121 Exercises to Build a Great Team


When I finished writing Chapter 20, I thought I was finished with the book, but then I realized I had to write one more for George. George always gave a little extra and so should I; 20 chapters would have been good but 21 makes the book that much better.

I've learned from George that 21 is not a beginning or an end, but a journey to being your best and bringing out the best in others. George was all about making his team better, so it was fitting that, as I contemplated what to write on these last pages, I was inspired to fill this last chapter with ideas to make your team stronger and better.

You see, I believe George was here on earth for a reason: to inspire us to be better people and teammates. George's parents, Mario and Deborah; his sisters, Elena and Caroline; and his friends and teammates continue to get signs from George, and this continues to give them strength and hope. And as I wrote this book, I kept seeing 21 on my phone, email, Twitter notifications—everywhere. I am convinced that everything in my past has brought me to this moment to share George's story to help you and your team. The fact that you're reading this book is not an accident. My hope is that you will share this book with your team, family, and friends, and then implement some of the exercises in this chapter. I believe this will help you become the best ...

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