Chapter 2. Using the Tutorial Examples

This chapter tells you everything you need to know to install, build, and run the examples. The following topics are addressed here:

• “Required Software” on page 37

• “Starting and Stopping the GlassFish Server” on page 41

• “Starting the Administration Console” on page 42

• “Starting and Stopping the Java DB Server” on page 43

• “Building the Examples” on page 43

• “Tutorial Example Directory Structure” on page 44

• “Getting the Latest Updates to the Tutorial” on page 45

• “Debugging Java EE Applications” on page 45

Required Software

The following software is required to run the examples:

• “Java Platform, Standard Edition” on page 37

• “Java EE 6 Software Development Kit” on page 38

• “Java EE 6 Tutorial ...

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