CHAPTER TWOOverview of Nonprofit Sector and Tax-Exempt Organizations

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Charitable giving in the United States in 2015 is estimated to have totaled $373.3 billion.65.1 Giving by individuals in 2015 amounted to an estimated $264.6 billion; this level of giving constituted 71 percent of all charitable giving for the year. Grantmaking by private foundations is an estimated $58.5 billion (16 percent of total funding). Gifts in the form of charitable bequests in 2015 are estimated to be $31.8 billion (9 percent of total giving). Gifts from corporations in 2015 totaled $18.5 billion (5 percent of total giving for that year).

Contributions to religious organizations in 2015 totaled $119.3 billion (32 percent of all giving that year). Gifts to educational organizations amounted to $57.48 billion (15 percent); to human service entities, $45.21 billion (12 percent); to foundations, $42.26 billion (11 percent); to health care institutions, $29.8 billion (8 percent); to public-society benefit organizations, $26.9 billion (7 percent); to international affairs entities, $15.75 billion (4 percent); to arts, culture, and humanities entities, $17 billion (5 percent); and to environmental and animals groups, $10.7 billion (3 percent). Two percent of this total (about ...

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