The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups

Book description

Discover the methods of lean startups that can revolutionize large organizations and their products

Even in a tough economic climate, the startup business community has found a way to create innovative, game-changing products in shockingly short timeframes. So why should larger, more established companies take notice? Because they have everything to gain when they examine and adopt the strategies, tools, and attitudes of these smaller competitors. The Lean Enterprise presents a groundbreaking design for revolutionizing larger organizations, one that draws on the ingenious tenets and practices espoused by the startup community. The guidelines in this book will help companies shake the lethargy, bureaucracy, and power struggles that plague large organizations and hold them back from true innovation.

At the heart of this resource is a comprehensive, practical approach based on methods, timetables, compensation, financial investment, and case studies that reveal the startup mentality. Respected thought leaders in lean startup methodologies, the authors cover successful enterprise development, development innovation labs, corporate venture arms, and acquisition and integration of startups.

  • Essential reading for entrepreneurs, product managers, executives and directors in Forbes 2000 organizations, and board members

  • Presents the tools and methodologies large businesses need to compete with a new generation of highly-empowered entrepreneurs

  • Covers lean startup culture and principles and identifies the behaviors that arestunting growth at large enterprises

  • Offers a comprehensive, practical approach for developing exciting products and services and opening vast new markets

  • Don't be mystified by the success of startups. Master the methods of this new generation of entrepreneurs and compete on a level playing field.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Contents
    5. Introduction
      1. Enterprises in Peril
      2. Startups Ascendant
      3. The Enterprise's Dilemma
      4. Unleashing the Enterprise
      5. Why Intrapreneurship Fails
      6. Enter the Lean Startup
      7. New Tools for CFOs
      8. Dawn of the Lean Enterprise
    6. Chapter 1: Roadmap
      1. The Innovation Colony
      2. The Lean Startup Method
      3. Three Strategies
    7. Chapter 2: Strategy
      1. A Framework for Action
      2. Fringe Benefits
    8. Chapter 3: Corporate Structure
      1. From Skunkworks Onward
      2. Enter the Innovation Colony
    9. Chapter 4: Compensation
      1. The Power of the Upside
    10. Chapter 5: Vision
      1. Know the Market
      2. Formulate an Innovation Thesis
      3. Execute on the Thesis
    11. Chapter 6: Lean Enterprise Process
      1. Roots of the Lean Startup
      2. Experimental Process: A Quick Overview
      3. Experimental Process: Step-by-Step
      4. Javelin Board
    12. Chapter 7: Experimental Methods
      1. Where to Find Customers
    13. Chapter 8: Innovation Accounting
      1. Vanity Metrics versus Actionable Metrics
      2. Building a Metrics Model
    14. Chapter 9: Incubate Internally
      1. Low Momentum, High Control
      2. Benefits
      3. Financing Internal Startups
      4. How to Incubate
    15. Chapter 10: Acquire Early
      1. Who Are You Looking For?
      2. Choosing Acquisition Targets
      3. Structuring the Deal
      4. Pitfalls
    16. Chapter 11: Invest When You Can't Acquire
      1. Low Control, High Momentum
      2. Benefits of Investing
      3. Investment Mechanics
      4. Investment Vehicles
      5. Enterprise Investment Psychology
      6. Choosing Investments
    17. Chapter 12: Innovation Flow
    18. Conclusion
      1. Objections to the Lean Enterprise
      2. Building Innovation Empires
      3. The End of Entrepreneurship
      4. The Enterprise Innovation Era
    19. About the Author
    20. Index

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    • Title: The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: March 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118852170