Abnormal waves
damage due to, 20–21
progressive, 20
Absorption of electro-magnetic energy, 31
AC power, vs. DC power, 773
Acoustic seabed classification, 28
Agulhas wave, 21
Air resistance, 220
Aircraft analogy, for ROV, 738
Alkalinity of water, 35–36
Ambient air, ships, 38–39
Ammonium (NH4+), in water, 30
Amplitudes of ship vibration, 175
Analysis techniques, for safety See Safety, analysis techniques
Angle of heel, 94
Appendage skin friction, 192
Archimedes, 77, 742
Atwood's formula, 89
Auf'm Keller, 196
Automatic control systems, 590–591
Autonomous underwater vehicles, 730
Autonomy, ROV, 737, 739–740
Auxiliary machinery and equipment
bilge systems, 418

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