Epilogue: Keep it Simple

“It's a great topic you have chosen and I fully support your intention on preventing the next crash. But I feel that the world is controlled by a bunch of morons that either just want as much money and power as possible for themselves – or are afraid to question the status quo. I think that the solution lies in educating the people of our planet on how it works so that we together can create a new system where the power is more distributed (as opposed to concentrated) – I am certain such a system is much less likely to crash. With a currency that means something and cannot just be diluted by a government to boost the economy's statistics and please the markets and thereby the few in monetary power. I think you get my point – good luck with the book! Use your famous names and great intellects [and good looks, ed.] for the future good of humanity :)”

“How to prevent economic crises?, how to have a long-term stable global economy?, are we complicating a simple thing (economy and its study)?, what should an individual do to shield from inconsistencies of the economy?”

“Qualitative analysis also needs to be included.”

—Answers to the survey question: “What topics should definitely feature in the book?” at wilmott.com

Human beings learn, or are supposed to learn, from past mistakes. Building codes, fire codes, engineering codes, and safety codes of all sorts carry within them the memory of past disasters. Boiler explosions were common in the 19th century, ...

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