2The New Rules of Sales and Service

We dislike being “sold.”

We hate being treated poorly by the companies we do business with.

It's time to make a change.

Okay, by now you must be saying something like: “Enough already! What exactly are the new rules of sales and service?” I won't keep you waiting any longer. Here are the ideas of this book distilled down to one set of concepts.

Setting Down the Rules

The vast majority of human beings—more than five billion of us—are connected instantly to each other via web-based and mobile communications devices.

While the communications revolution provides immense benefit, in our technology-driven life we crave humanity.

Information about products and services is available to buyers everywhere, 24/7, and for free.

Publishing valuable content has become essentially free for companies. At the same time, customers have a (loud) voice through social networks and review sites.

The New Rules of Sales and Service

Authentic storytelling sets the tone.

  • People want authenticity, not spin.
  • People want participation, not propaganda.
  • Your organizational story cannot be dreamed up by an ad agency.
  • The individual at the top of the company is the master storyteller, the conductor of the organizational orchestra.
  • With social networks, every employee has a role in sales and customer service and must sing from the same hymnal.
  • Buyers want information in language ...

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