Note: Page numbers followed by f indicates figures.

Added value, 112, 115–116

Aging workforce, 11–12

Algorithm, definition of, 7

Apple, 7

Artificial intelligence (AI)

    case studies, 8–10

    cognitive engagement, 6

    cognitive insight, 5–6

    deep neural network, 4f

    development steps, 2f

    historical development of, 1–4

    HR processes with, aligning, 55–78

    impact of, 77–78, 78f

    mathematical neuron, 3f

    performance appraisal with, aligning, 55f, 70–75

    process automation, 5

    productivity components, 71f

    significant factors of, 2

    traditional HR to AI focused HR, 105–107

    types of, 4–6

Asymmetrical organizations, 45, 45f

Audience analysis, 80

Axiom, 2


Basic income. See Universal Basic Income

Basic ...

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