Event Speeches

Assuming they stand in one place, of course, which never happens.


  • Camera + Trigger
  • 85mm or 135mm focal length lens
  • 2 Off-camera flashes
  • 2 Light stands, 9–12 feet tall
  • 2 Grids
  • Gel set (optional)


Let me preface this section by saying that in order to re-create light like this during toasts, you have to either have a voice-activated light stand (a.k.a. an assistant) or hope that the speaker doesn’t move around like they’re a rock performer dancing around the stage. If you’re working with a DJ or videographer, ask if they have a mic stand so that the speaker has to stay in one spot. They’ll have a little bit of leeway, but it doesn’t hurt instructing the speaker to stand and stay (Figure 20.1 ...

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