Chapter 3

Programming the BBC micro:bit

In this chapter

check How to connect the BBC micro:bit to your computer to receive new programs

check Using the browser-based code editor to write your own programs

check An introduction to the BBC micro:bit simulator

check The difference between flash memory and RAM

PLAYING WITH THE BBC micro:bit’s preloaded introductory program as introduced in Chapter 2, ‘Getting Started with the BBC micro:bit’, is a great way to learn your way around the hardware. To start getting the most out of the BBC micro:bit, though, you’re going to want to replace the sample program with some code of your own.

In this chapter you will learn how to connect your BBC micro:bit to a computer so you can load new programs, look at the code editor in which you’ll write your own programs, and learn a little bit about the difference between the BBC micro:bit’s flash memory and its RAM. You’ll also be given an overview of the languages in which you can program the BBC micro:bit, with more detail found in Chapter 4, ‘Programming Languages’.

USB Connectivity

The micro-USB connector on the top edge ...

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