Appendix HPOLCA: A State-of-the-Art Overview of Research Contributions

Guest Author: Jan Riezebos


Production control is an important part of the planning and control system that has to organize the various flows in production in a company. These include not only the material flow, but also the flow of resources (such as tools, capacity of work stations, and employees) and information (what to produce, how to produce, where and when to deliver).

In the academic literature, a lot of attention is given to various methods of planning and control (Orlicky, 1975; Silver, Pyke, and Peterson, 1998; Jacobs, 2003; Umble, 2003; Schönsleben, 2004; Vollmann et al., 2005; Riezebos, 2013).1 Academic contributions describe, for example, the ...

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