Does your vision elevate people in degree and excellence and respect and inspire them to act boldly?

ENNOBLEMENT may be the most commonly violated PRIME. Here are the most common ways to violate the ENNOBLEMENT PRIME:

  • Start your vision out by making statements about yourself or your company.
  • Use the future tense.
  • Strive to make a vision statement.

Visions that ennoble begin by painting a picture of the world at large and the community your business serves. This picture is a present-tense description of a desired future state. Ennobling visions are comprehensive in scope to the degree that they crowd out reality.

A blatant example of disregard for the ENNOBLEMENT PRIME is evident in the first sentence of Enron's vision statement: “Enron's vision is to become the world's leading energy company….” The vision begins with the company talking about itself. And it does so in a future tense. And we all saw what that got them!

A health care provider recently brought its vision into alignment with the ENNOBLEMENT PRIME. Its vision changed from one that started out saying:

(Name of company) will be the health care provider of choice within the context of the state of California's new fiscal realities.

To one that followed the ENNOBLEMENT PRIME:

At (Name of company), we see the people of California equipped to make the best choices when in need of health care services. Their ...

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