Chapter 15. N

n-adic (Of an operator) Having exactly n operands; i.e., being defined in terms of exactly n parameters (n 0). Note: Let Op be a dyadic operator. If we want to define an n-adic version of Op, then it's necessaryat least if that n-adic version is intended to apply to a set, as opposed to a sequence, of operandsthat Op be both commutative and associative. Examples of such operators defined in this dictionary include (a) the logical operators AND, EQUIV, OR, and XOR and (b) the relational operators intersect, join, product, and union.

n-ary (Of a heading, key, tuple, tuplevar, relation, or relvar) Of degree n (n 0).

n-place (Of a predicate) Same as n-adic (n 0).

n-tuple A tuple of degree n (n 0).

NAND In logic, a dyadic connective (also ...

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