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The Remedy: Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization

Book Description

A powerful business fable that shows you how to spread Lean business practices to every function of your business

Pascal Dennis is a Lean business learner and practitioner who has written four books on the subject of Lean business practices. In The Remedy, he shows how Lean business practices can be expanded from manufacturing to all the other areas of your business-including design, engineering, sales, and marketing and all processes in between-and how doing so builds a more efficient organization at every level.

This story follows Tom Pappas and Rachel Armstrong, senior leaders at a desperate automotive company as they try to implement a Lean management system across an entire platform, the Chloe, a breakthrough "green" car. The future of the company is at stake. Can Tom and Rachel, supported by Andy Saito, a retired, reclusive Toyota executive, regain the trust and respect of the customer? Can a venerable but dying company implement Lean practices to every part of their business and learn a new, more effective way of managing?

  • Shows you how to use the Lean quality improvement method to fix not just a manufacturing system, but an entire company, including management, design, marketing, and supply chain

  • Written by Pascal Dennis, author of four books on Lean practices and winner of the coveted Shingo Prize for outstanding research contributing to operational excellence

  • Originally developed by Toyota, the Lean approach to quality improvement has gained a worldwide following and helped turn around enumerable struggling businesses

If your business is treading water-or sinking in the waves-The Remedy will show you how to put Lean processes to work in every functional area for long-term business survival and success.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Preface
  5. 1. Motor City Sadness
  6. 2. Lotus Land
  7. 3. What Have I Learned?
    1. 3.1. Plan-Do-Check-Adjust
    2. 3.2. Customer-In Mentality
    3. 3.3. Respect for People
    4. 3.4. Simple Visual Standards
    5. 3.5. Visual Management
    6. 3.6. Problems Are Treasure
    7. 3.7. Flow
    8. 3.8. Pull
    9. 3.9. Jidoka
    10. 3.10. Yokoten
    11. 3.11. Leader = Sensei
    12. 3.12. Kaizen
    13. 3.13. STUDY QUESTIONS
  8. 4. How Will We Change Their Thinking?
  9. 5. Focus and Alignment—When You're a Jet, You're a Jet
    1. 5.1. Quality
    2. 5.2. Delivery
    3. 5.3. Profitability
    4. 5.4. Thesis
    5. 5.5. Experiment and Observation
    6. 5.6. Synthesis
    7. 5.7. Hard Goals:
    8. 5.8. Possible Broad-Brush Goals:
    9. 5.9. Pressure on Brady
    10. 5.10. Control the Ball
    11. 5.11. Turnovers
    12. 5.12. STUDY QUESTIONS
  10. 6. Cluing into Chloe
    1. 6.1. Day One
    2. 6.2. Day Two
    3. 6.3. We're Misaligned with the Customer—Profitability
    4. 6.4. Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Procurement Are Misaligned—Delivery
    5. 6.5. Quality Is an Afterthought—Quality
    6. 6.6. We Don't Develop People—People
    7. 6.7. Weak Management System—Management System
  11. 7. A Trip to Boston to Dispel the Fog
  12. 8. Marketing—Leaning Out the Mad Men
  13. 9. Design and Engineering—Making Knowledge Flow
  14. 10. Nick Papas Falls into the Abyss
    1. 10.1. STUDY QUESTIONS
  15. 11. My Beautiful Mind—Leaning Out Our Supply Chain
    1. 11.1. STUDY QUESTIONS
  16. 12. Dealers, Spielers, and Concealers
    1. 12.1. STUDY QUESTIONS
  17. 13. Scylla and Charybdis
    1. 13.1. STUDY QUESTIONS
  18. 14. Be My Phenomena
    1. 14.1. STUDY QUESTIONS
  19. Glossary
  20. References